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Sample letters to a friend in English - About sports

About sports - Sample letters in English

Many people cannot imagine their life without sports. Some of them do sports, while others support their favorite team. Here are many letters to friends about different types of sports.
These sample letters in English are about sports in general and on individual kinds of sport like football, basketball, tennis, etc. About sports clubs, sports idols and their fans.

Sample letter to a friend in English - About sports № 1

Dear Steven,
I am in receipt of your letter today. You asked me to write you about my favorite sports game. My favorite game is football. This game is full of life. Whenever abroadcast football games, I just sit in front of the TV and watch the match from start to finish. 
I am loyal fan of the team "Zenit" in St. Petersburg, the team with unparalleled spirit of murder. Andrei Arshavin is my favorite player.

Now I'm looking forward to the European Football Championship.

Convey my regards to your parents.
Yours sincerely,

Sample letter to a friend in English - About sports № 2

Dear Steve,
   Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I didn't answer at once. I've been really busy recently because tomorrow it is a very impotent day for me - we're having our school basketball competition.
   As you can see, I 'm fond of basketball. Our team is famous in my school. We always participate in competitions and we often win. As for my school, I try to study well and I always do my home- work. Sometimes I'm very tired but I understand that I must do my best because my future depends on my school achievements. That's why I do my homework and after that I go to the gym.
   Hope to hear from you soon.
   Best wishes


Sample letter to a friend in English - About sports № 3

 Dear Paul,

Thanks for your letter. It is so nice to get news about you and your family.

As for me, I won our school tennis championship. You know I've been playing tennis for nine years. My parents bought me a terrific present - a new American tennis racket.
I cannot say that my classmates fond of sports Their likes may be divided into two groups: the boys like playing football and basketball at leisure time; however, tie girls are not keen on sport games. Some of them prefer aerobics; the others don't go in for sports at all. It's strange, isn't it? 
I congratulate Jane on entering such a prestigious university.
What department has she chosen? What is she going to study? Where will she live? 
Well, I must go now my mother is waiting for me.
Best wishes,

Sample letter to a friend in English - About sports № 4

Dear Bill,
I'm happy to get your letter. I wish you good luck in your championship! 
In your letter you are interested in my sports preferences. I go in for football. What's more, I've been training for 8 years. Our team has taken part in many matches and we've won a lot of times. We train 4 times a week.
As for our coach, he's very strict, too. I'm sure that it's necessary to be strict when you train teenagers. He makes us do a lot of exercises but it provides excellent results! 
Well, where does the championship take place? How many sportsmen are taking part? Whom are you going there with?
Sorry, I have to go now. Take care! 
Best wishes,


Sample letters to a friend in English