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Sample letters to a friend in English - About cities and countries
    14 Янв 2023, 23:13

    Very often friends live in different cities and even countries, travel, visit places where they haven’t been before. Of course, they share their thoughts on the cities and countries where they live or where they have been.
    Sample letters with references to countries, cities, and other places. All about geography.


    Sample letter № 1

    Dear Alex,
    How are you? I am in the capital of England — in London. My parents and I always dreamt about seeing this nice city.
    There are a lot of beautiful old buildings. We have already seen Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (now it called Elizabeth’s Tower), The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, The Tower of london and The Waxworks Madame Tussauds museum. There are the models of famous people from pop stars to prime ministers made from wax in this museum. They look like real. It’s so interesting.
    My parents and I are walking on Trafalgar Square now. There is Nelson’s Column in its centre which is guarded by four lion statues at its base. By the way, I sent you this postcard with a picture of Trafalgar Square.
    The weather is not fine today, it’s foggy and rainy. But it doesn’t spoil our walking.
    We took much photos. Next week we will be at home and I’ll show you them.
    Don’t miss the chance to visit England and London.
    Best wishes,

    Sample letter № 2

    Dear Helen,
    You asked me about my life in New York. I will tell you all about it.
    I have been in New York for two weeks and I have done millions of exciting things. I have met a lot of interesting people and I have made some new friends. I have visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and Statue of Liberty. I haven’t done any souvenir shopping yet, but there’s plenty of time for that.
    Well, that’s all. Maybe we will be able to meet one day?
    Yours truly,

    Sample letter № 3

    Dear Emily,
    Sorry that I haven’t written you for so long but I was busy all this time.
    I have a great news! My parents allowed me to go to Italy for two weeks! It was a great time. Let me tell you how I spent that amazing journey.
    My sister and I stayed in a nice hotel in the centre of Rome. The room was convenient and there was a great view from the windows. Every day we enjoyed tasty cuisine, had fun at discos and swam in the large pool. During ten days we visited a lot of wonderful places such as Colosseum, Pantheon, Triton Fountain. You can’t even imagine how many photos I took! We really appreciated being there because of all the amazing sights and experiences we had.
    I could write more but I really need to go. Hope we will meet soon.
    Lots of love,

    Sample letter № 4

    Dear James,
    Thank you former letter. I'm glad that you're taking part in the conference about Russia! It's so wonderful! 
    The history of my native country is great! Russia is famous for its achievements and outstanding personalities. As for the most important events in the history of Russia, it's The Great Patriotic War. Russian people fought for their motherland and happiness of future generations. I think that Russian commander G. Zhukov who took part in the war of 1941- 1945 is really a great figure in our history Besides, my town is related to the great past of Russia. It was the place of terrible battles during the war.
    Keep in touch! 
    Best wishes, 

    Sample letter № 5

    Dear Sam,
    Thanks for your letter! It was great to hear front you so soon.
    You asked me to tell you about Moscow. Well, it is a very beautiful city especially in autumn when all trees are of different colors. The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin. It's an ancient fortress with beautiful churches inside.
    Moscow is a unique city, where history and modern life are brought together. In the one hand, you can enjoy traditional Russian festivals such as Pancake week. On the other hand, Moscow is a modern 24-hour city where you can visit different theaters, cinemas and exhibitions.
    By the way, will you tell me about your school and school life? Do you have any clubs at school? Are you given much homework? Please write back.  
    I look forward to your reply.

    Sample letter № 6

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for your recent letter. It was great to hear from you!
    You asked me to tell you how I spent the summer. Well, I spent this summer very well. Our family was invited to visit our relatives who have a house in Spain in the suburbs of the city of Barcelona. We spent almost a month traveling around the country. By the way, I learnt a little Spanish.
    We have a lot of sun and swimming in the warm sea. We visited the Salvador Dali museum and Barcelona Zoo. We watched «Singing Fountain» and the botanical garden Gaudi. As for me, I liked the water park with dolphins.
    I must go now, my mother is waiting for me. I will write to you soon again.
    Take care,

    Sample letter № 7

    Dear Anna,
    How are you? Ran out of my summer vacation. I think you would like to know everything about my holiday. There are many countries I visited. Here are some of them Poland, Germany and other. My holidays started in June. I visited many interesting places, different museums, beautiful cities. I saw Sistine Madonna in the Dresden museum. It is the masterpiece and I would like visit it again.
    See you soon!

    Sample letter № 8

    Dear Michael,
    Thank you for your recent letter. It is so wonderful to hear from you! I am very glad that you had a good vacation.
    As for me, I also spent a wonderful vacation. First, I lived with my parents in the garden. The weather was hot and I swam a lot with my friends. We played soccer and rode bicycles. 
    And in August we went to Cyprus with my parents. It is a large island in the Mediterranean with a wonderful climate. We swam in the sea and were lying in the shade of huge eucalyptus trees. We traveled along the mountain paths and played tennis. Anyway, it was a memorable summer.
    How did your academic year begin? Are there newcomers in your class? Any new subjects?
    I’m sorry, I have to go to the sports section.
    All the best!


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